New Leaf Hypnotherapy



"By changing your can change your life"
Therapy can assist you to achieve your full potential, leave behind those doubts, fears and unwanted habits and move forward to the life you want.
It works by using a combination of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and NLP, and may help you to resolve a multitude of issues; 
...from reducing stress and anxiety to succeeding in relationships;
...from improving performance in sports or exams to overcoming sleep disorders;
...from reducing physical symptoms caused by illness to breaking unwanted habits such as hairpulling, twitches and teeth grinding;
...from ending dependency on drugs, tobacco and alcohol to overcoming phobias
...from learning to love and trust others to learning to love and trust yourself;
...from dealing with problems from the past e.g. post traumatic stress disorder to dealing with potential problems for the future such as interview or performance anxiety
...from giving up an old life of addiction or following bereavement to preparing for a new life or childbirth.

For more information on how hypnotherapy can help with pregnancy and childbirth see HypnoBirthing


New Leaf Hypnotherapy
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